Presenters – Lesley Meacham and Becky Davies

Moses’ Tabernacle & Modern Temples: Elevating our Families through the Inspiration of the Temple

Whenever God gathers His people they are commanded to build a temple where we  “may grow up” in His Holy House. We don’t go through the temple, the temple is to go through us. A deeper understanding of ancient and modern temples will help us teach our families how the temple can inspire and transform us.


Lesley Meacham and Becky Davies have taught Institute for 22 years in the Poway Stake, SDSU, and Palomar Institutes.  They also had the privilege of being  BYU Education Week faculty members for 3 years.  Both Lesley and Becky work in the temple, while also serving in ward callings.  Becky is currently the Director of Public Affairs in the San Diego region.