Moderator – Luann Preston

Witnessing for our Adult Children

Be a witness for your grown-up children by being aware of what they are doing, acknowledging and praising the good, and participating in their lives.

LuAnn’s BIO:

LuAnn is a mother of five children, three daughter-in-laws, two son in-laws, and eleven grandchildren. She is learning to build a relationship with each family member. Her motto is to never give up and pray for inspiration to know how to deal with each challenge.

Panelist Becki Cutler

I am a wife, mother and was just made a grandmother. I have five children, three of whom are married. I love real human stories and recognize how much our stories continue into the future. I have grown to love my own imperfection to share and allow imperfection in all my children. My life motto: Love them anyway!

Panelist Lorii Sutton

I love being a wife and mom. I have four sons and two daughter-in-laws whom I learn from quite often. I feel it a great blessing to have the opportunity to continue to parent as my children travel their own adult paths.