Presenter – Holly Hamilton-Bleakley

Teaching Fearlessly as Women of Covenant:  the Unfolding Story

We seem to live in a hyper-angry, hyper-polarized, hyper-politicized, and hyper-sexualized world.  Has anyone else noticed?!  And it can be a rather frightening environment – at least, it has been for me at times.  How can we ‘teach fearlessly’ the principles of Christ’s gospel to those around us without getting sucked into a vortex of contention, balkanization, and confusion?  In this session we will discuss various methods and strategies for teaching truth with love, inclusivity, emotional intelligence, graciousness and indeed – fearlessness – to those the Lord has put in our path.


Holly is a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego, a mother of six children, and is currently Relief Society President in the Ramona Ward.

Holly received her BA in Economics from Wellesley College, and her MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge.  She was raised on a ranch in Southern Idaho, and was a missionary in the Florida Jacksonville mission from 1992-1993.  In 1996 she married Tim Bleakley, an Englishman whom she met during her graduate studies at Cambridge, in the Salt Lake Temple.  They started and raised their family in the UK until 2013, when they moved to the United States.

In addition to teaching at the University of San Diego, she has also taught philosophy at the University of Reading and the University of St. Andrews, where she was selected by her department to teach Prince William in philosophy when he was a student there.