Moderator – Stephanie Persson

Grieving: Finding Hope, Joy, and Healing

This session will explore the many ways in which we grieve and how we process loss. We will discuss how to help those who are grieving, and how we can learn from our own grief to become more compassionate and loving human beings. We will talk about hope and joy amidst our suffering, and how to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to heal. This class will be moderated by Stephanie Persson, with panelists Diane Tuiofu, Melanie Hartzell and Karen Davis.

Aflicción: Encontrar esperanza, gozo y sanación

Esta sesión explorará las muchas formas en que nos lamentamos y cómo procesamos la pérdida. Discutiremos cómo ayudar a aquellos que están en duelo, y cómo podemos aprender de nuestro propio dolor para convertirnos en seres humanos más compasivos y amorosos. Hablaremos sobre la esperanza y la alegría en medio de nuestro sufrimiento y sobre cómo aplicar la expiación de Jesucristo para sanar. Esta clase será moderada por Stephanie Persson, con los panelistas Diane Tuiofu, Melanie Hartzell y Karen Davis.

Stephanie Persson recently moved to CA from Littleton, Colorado. She lives in Poway with her husband, and they have five terrific children and three little granddaughters. One of her daughters, Dr. Myka Winder, is also facilitating a class at this conference. Stephanie is an avid league tennis player, skier, and participated for many years as a softball player and gymnast. She has a degree in music and has taught piano lessons for several years. She loves to read, garden and meet new people. 

Panelist – Melanie Hartzell

Melanie Hartzell is the mother of 5 children ages 7-29 and grandma to 4 sweethearts. Her claim to fame is that seven years ago, she was a pregnant grandma! Indoors, Melanie loves reading, learning and mentoring. Outdoors, she enjoys walking, hiking and playing frisbee on the beach at sunset with her husband John. Online, Melanie delights in Amazon Prime, Instagram and grocery pickup or delivery.  She is passionate about healthy eating, homeschooling, mental health, suicide prevention, addiction prevention/recovery and healing through Christ. 

Panelist – Diane Tuiofu

Diane Tuiofu’s greatest joy is her family and being a convert to the Church. She is a mother of six grown children and grandmother to eleven, soon to be twelve, perfect grandchildren! As her children became older Diane returned to PLNU where she earned her Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano and composition. She is a published composer, teaches piano throughout San Diego, and is passionate about writing choral music for the Church. Diane is proud to say she has a twin brother, loves to sail and kayak, enjoys painting in oils, and has endured to the middle with no end in sight.

Panelist – Karen Davis

Karen Davis is a mother of seven amazing children and grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren.  She has been married to Marc Davis for 30 years.  They met at BYU where they both graduated with bachelors degrees in Economics.  She loves serving in the kingdom, especially alongside her husband.  Her favorite calling has been as Seminary Teacher.