Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference Dress Exchange

Please bring your gently used dresses or skirts to the conference on March 28th for a RS and YW dress exchange.

The details:

  • Exchange is for Relief Society sisters and Young Women–we will differentiate the sizes!
  • Please bring your dress or skirt to Women’s Conference a little before it starts.
  • Please ring your dress or skirt on a hanger
  • You do not have to bring an item to take an item!! Please come “shop” whether you brought something or not!
  • Come to the Relief Society room after the morning event with Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four to find a TREASURE!

Questions? Contact Heidi Skanchy (GV), Dana Hamson (LP), or Kaarin Heap (HV) from the Stake Relief Society (find our emails/phone numbers on LDS Tools!)